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  • Gluten free

  • Home-baked

  • Made fresh.

  • Order minimum 24 hours in advance for cakes/cupcakes, 

  • 2-3 days for Sourdough breads and buns 

  • Contains eggs, dairy & nuts

  • Soy free

  • No preservatives, stabilizers, emulsifiers, additives, artificial colours

  • No junk. All pure, real food ingredients.

  • Customization charged extra.



All cake flavours can be baked as cupcakes.


       Frosted ~ 295/- e 

      Naked  ~ 225/- e


Min. Order ~ 4 of 1 flavour

Order 6 and get 2 flavours


 Buttercream Cakes
Cakes enrobed in smoosh-your-face-in voluptuous buttercream!

1/2 kg ~ 2100/- 550g - 800g
       1 kg ~ 3600/- 1100g - 1500g

Min. Order ~ 1/2 kg


Chocolate cake with salted chocolate buttercream

 Minty Chocolate Afterlife

~  Chocolate cake with Mint chocolate buttercream

 Mocha Nirvana

~ Chocolate cake with Mocha buttercream

 Nutty Chocolate

Chocolate cake with chocolate peanut buttercream 

 Berry Chocolate Nirvana

~ Raspberry dark chocolate cake with Chocolate or Pink raspberry buttercream


Sour Cherry Chocolate Love

~ Chocolate Sour Cherry cake with Chocolate buttercream or Sour Cherry buttercream


~ Coffee cake with coffee buttercream

Coconut & Lime 

Coconut cake with lime buttercream


~ Pineapple coconut cake with Rum buttercream & Pineapple jelly


~ Raspberry cake with raspberry buttercream


~ Blueberry cake with blueberry buttercream

Ginger and Rum New! 

~ Ginger cake with rum buttercream


 Pound Cakes 
Naked as a wee babby!

1/2 kg ~ 2100/- 475g - 600g
     1 kg ~ 3600/- 950g - 1200g

Min. Order ~ 1/2 Kg

~ Vanilla

~ Chocolate Walnut

~ Chocolate Raspberry New!

~ Latte

~ Lime

~ Lemon Raspberry

~ Blueberry
~ Strawberry
~ Banana Dark Chocolate chip

 with Salted Caramel
~ Vanilla Chocolate Chip

~ Orange and Chocolate marble

~Vanilla Chocolate marble

~ Chocolate Choco Chip

~ Orange and Cranberry

Brownies and Cookies

Stairway To Heaven Brownies
Chocolate on chocolate beauts that will send you straight to heaven!

1/2 kg ~ 2100/-
    1 kg ~ 3600/-

Min. Order ~ 1/2 Kg

~ Straight Up Brownie

~ Mint Brownie

~ Mocha Brownie

~  Figs and Rum Brownie 

~ Vat 69 Brownie

~ Raspberry Brownie

 45ml / 120 ml pot of Silky ganache on the side upon request.

P.H.A.T. Cookies

XXL, Thicc, juicy and gorgeous! 

55- 80 g e

220/- e


 Min. Order ~ 6 pieces

Order 10 and get 2 flavours

~ Double Chocolate

~ Chocolate Walnut

~ Mint Chocolate Chip

~Vanilla Chocolate Chip

~ Cinnamon Chocolate Chip

~ Oat and Honey 

~ Pumpkin Spice

~ Cappuccino

~ Lemon 

~ Ginger

~ Orange & Cranberry New!

~ Orange Dark Chocolate Chip New!

Breads and Buns

Sourdough Breads

2-3 days advance notice

Wild yeast vegan bread, earthy and hearty

 as Boule or Loaf

550g - 675g  / 11-12 slices

~  Multigrain 

Classic Sourdough with a chewy crust and soft crumb perfect for breakfast or a snack. Plain or with a sprinkle of flax seed.


Multigrain Veggie 

Sourdough with Beetroot OR Carrot



~ Multigrain Seeded 

Sourdough loaded with 3 nutritious Seeds


~ Multigrain Seeded Veggie

Sourdough with Beetroot OR Spinach  OR Carrot and 3 Seeds


   ~ Baguette New!



~ White Sandwich Bread New!

Soft crust sourdough



~ Sourdough Buns 

With eggs and dairy

Min. Order 4 pieces

160/- e

~ Burger buns

170/- e

~ Sweet Cinnamon and Raisin buns

(comes with 125 ml Cinnamon and Vanilla glaze)

~ Cappuccino buns New!

(comes with 125 ml Coffee glaze)


Yeasted Breads

~ Pizza Base

traditional yeast dough hand shaped with love


  11-12 inches


Only the good stuff!

Free range eggs, Real butter, Real extracts.

Made with Real love in an exclusively Gluten Free facility.

All Icings made with Real butter/Real cream.

No artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, additives.


  • All items made fresh on order only. No readymade items available.

  • Please place your order minimum 24 hours in advance. All items subject to availability.

  • Full payment at the time of placing order via UPI Payments

  • Delivery charges as per actual cost of delivery

  • Prices subject to change

Note: We have taken every care as per vendor information to ensure there is no gluten cross-contamination including the facility being completely gluten free. Chiffon Tree requests your personal discretion when considering our products.

As per the Celiac Disease Foundation, whiskeys are gluten free owing to the distillation process. Even so, some celiacs or gluten intolerant people might react to some whiskeys. Please use your personal discretion before considering our whiskey containing products.

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